Tuesday, April 25, 2017

The Clearing

I sit in the bushes on the side of the clearing, looking out into the sun-lit area and the small pond that sits there. Gentle bubbles are gurgling where the double rainbow meets the surface, and the sun shines through the droplets and illuminates the depths of the pond unlike anything I have ever seen. I can see fish swimming below, their scales sparkling as if they are made of small pieces of roughly forged metal. Slowly, I am drawn to the pool. I rise to my feet and step onto the lush green grass that separates me from mystery. I dip a hand in, and the water feels cool and soft. It sparkles in the rays of the sun, and I can see bigger things moving beneath the surface. I gasp, squinting into the crystalline water and trying to catch another glimpse of the creature below.

A small forest pond,
hiding but saving me.
Mermaids in the deep.

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